Duct Support System 

Duct supports that will withstand even the windiest conditions in New Zealand

Wire Hanging System

The Gripple® range of hangers for HVAC applications has been developed to provide a fast and versatile solution for suspending ductwork, heaters, air conditioning, radiant panels and plenum boxes. 

GreenStuf® Autex Ductwrap and Insulation

Your New Zealand Made, 100% Recyclable Insulation. GreenStuf® is the real 100% non-irritant, non-toxic and chemical free insulation that’s fine to touch without any itchiness. 

airloc® smartfit

A modern take on plastic fittings – use and install what you need.

Most models don’t require cutting down - no waste, better for the environment, time saver

High-Quality Plastic Capping Products

We offer a comprehensive range of plastic capping options, including corner capping, end capping, and joint capping. Our capping products are made from durable and UV-resistant materials, ensuring long-lasting performance even in demanding environments.