ANZ Sustainability Breakfast

21 SEP 2022

Business Green Loan

HVAC Depot was excited to attend the Sustainability Breakfast hosted by ANZ to discuss new initiatives for funding and supporting green businesses. The ANZ Business Green Loan allows us to offer green ventilation solutions for our customers. We recognise that our customers are seeking more sustainable products with a reduced impact on the environment. Furthermore with changing regulations around emissions, it is important that we are one step ahead in improving our processes to help protect New Zealand's natural resources.

Here at HVAC Depot we are committed to sustainable sourcing of raw material to build our product range. We are also focused on improving energy efficiency through the purchase and installation of eligible energy efficiency products in commercial buildings or industrial energy replacement projects. This includes heat pumps, biomass boilers, double glazing, insulation, air conditioning and lighting. We look forward to working with our customers to help bring about a better tomorrow, leaving our planet a better place than we found it.